Mechanical Engineering Courses, Seminars and Workshops in Dubai

Mechanical Engineering Courses, Seminars and Workshops in Dubai,

Organizations in technical businesses need good engineers as much as they need good managers and operators. They also need managers who understand what their engineers are talking about and doing. Engineering techniques continue to advance at a significant pace. Practising engineers therefore need to be able to update their skills and learn more or new skills to be able to keep their businesses at the forefront of best practice.

Our Mechanical Engineering training courses are delivered by engineering consultants with global and real-world experience, will enable you to develop your skills as an effective practitioner or your ability to interact with engineers of multiple disciplines as well as providing you with the opportunity to enhance specific capabilities. These include diverse topics such as Electrical Fault Analysis, Heat exchangers, Process Control Valves and Actuators, Rotating Equipment, Process Optimisation, Piping Systems, and more. Register today to keep you ahead of the competition at the leading edge of technology.

Course List
Heat Exchangers: Types & Application, Design, Operation & Maintenance
Mechanical Engineering Essentials
Mechanical Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Seals, Motors, and Variable – Speed Drives
Process & Mechanical Engineering Essentials
Process Engineering Essentials
Process Equipment & Piping Systems
Process Plant Optimisation & Energy Conservation
Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving
Pumps, Compressors & Turbines
Rotating Equipment: Start-up, Operation, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting
TEMA & HTRI Heat Exchanger Design & Cost Saving Management
Water Flooding: A to Z of Best Practices