Dubai Human Resource HR Management Training Courses, Seminars

Dubai Human Resource HR Management Training Courses, Seminars and workshops will allow you to develop your skills in all the important areas of HRM. These areas include Resourcing & Reward, Talent Management and Organisational Development, Strategic HRM and HR Planning, HR Transformation and Learning and Development.

Taught by real-world experts with extensive global experience, our Human Resource Management (HRM) training courses focus on the skills and competencies needed to succeed in a career in HRM. Our courses are accredited by leading educational bodies and offer world-class instruction and learning. Register today and give yourself a competitive advantage in the world of HRM.

Whatever skills you want to develop, whatever the size of your organization, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your exact needs and your budget. Numerous organisations have entrusted us with their teams’ In House Training and benefited tremendously from this service.

Dubai Human Resource HR Management Training Courses, Seminar – HR Training Plan

Coaching for Success in the Oil & Gas Industry
Compensation & Benefits Management
Competency-Based Management
Compliance and Business Ethics
Financial Bootcamp for Non-Financial Professionals
HR Metrics & Analytics
HR Skills for HR Administrators
Knowledge Management for the Oil & Gas Industry
Leading Strategic HR Transformation
Managing & Measuring Training
Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour & Attitudes
Measuring & Maximising Training ROI
The HR Essential Skills
Training Management & Organisational Learning for Oil & Gas Industries
Writing Effective Policies & Procedures